Ben Sizer

Ben Sizer

Software engineer and musician. Employed in various game development, web development, and other programming roles since 2000, and an independent recording artist and hobbyist musician since 2010.

Latest Posts

1. Is There Really A Problem?

Effective content moderation at scale - is there really a problem? A quick examination of statistics on YouTube suggest that copyright infringement is a massive problem on the platform, not just in numerical terms but as a proportion of the content it serves.

2. How Did We Get Here?

In order to find an effective remedy to the problem, we need to understand the causes of the problem from a legal and technological perspective.

3. Non-Algorithmic Measures

Effective content moderation at scale - non-algorithmic measures. There is a lot of talk about 'upload filters', but a lot can be done without any automation at all, or to help alongside the automation.

4. Algorithmic Measures

Effective content moderation at scale - algorithmic measures. Although often disparaged as "upload filters", mainly due to YouTube's blunt application of them, they are capable of operating much more effectively if used correctly - and some of these technologies are available very cheaply, even for free.