Related Writings

YouTube Survey - Data - when investigating the scale of piracy on YouTube, I gathered a lot of data on the videos it hosts, organised by category. A summary of that data is here.

YouTube Survey - Top Videos - in particular, I wanted to see where the majority of the views and traffic to YouTube was going. How much of it was to music? The top videos from my sample, along with the video category, are listed here.

Sending Data To America - some Europeans worried that passing Article 13 (now 17) would lead to their personal information being sent to America where their local protections would not apply. I discuss why this is an unfounded fear.

The Sky Is Not Rising - The Copia Institute, a ‘digital-native think tank’ that is critical of copyright, claimed that ‘The Sky Is Not Falling’ and that there is no need to strengthen copyright protections for music and the arts. This is my rebuttal of that argument.